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Our Blood Donor tees are truly unique christian t-shirts by Purpose Christian Shirts. Roman Crucifixion is a horrible way to die! First the beatings, then the whipping, then dragging a heavy beam through a hostile crowd. Nails are placed in strategically painful spots in your wrists and feet. You are hoisted into the air to hang until you slowly die from suffocation, profuse bleeding and sheer agony. What would make someone VOLUNTEER for such treatment?

The Bible tells us that Jesus had it pretty good in Heaven.(Phil 2:6-11) The second best seat in the house, all the attention, the blessings, the Glory! But He willingly gave it all up for a birth in a stinky cave, a harsh life of manual labor and finally, total rejection and a bloody death on a Roman cross. What was He thinking?!

It seems that He thought it through, weighed the cost and willingly paid the price. Why? The answer is simple,

Y-O-U. It was not for the glory or position, not for the fact that every knee would bow to Him, not for anything other than the joy of fellowship with you. (Heb 12:2, Eph 2:4-6) Pretty powerful, huh? This remarkable truth is captured on these christian t-shirts: A Blood Donor Saved My Life.

Let that thought empower you as you reach others by laying down your life, taking up your, and following HIM. (Mark8:34) By wearing these powerful cross christian t-shirts you can proclaim to the world that true life is only found in Jesus!